Friday, May 02, 2008

Free night out

Went out for our freebie buffet last night. It was free-flow wine and delicious food for hours! We both have a bit of a headache today after taking advantage of the free wine - it's very expensive to buy good wine here and this was good stuff so we just went crazy. We started on the roof-top 23 floors up where you can look right out across the city and we had some cocktails. Then we went down to the restaurant where the seafood and meats were amazing. I just wish we hadn't got full - I'm sure we'll go back though. It's a great place to take visitors. After the meal we went to Vascos - a bar in town in an old opium refinery - it's a really nice place. One downside is I always meet parents there. I suppose at least they always lay on the drinks - and they are just as embarassed at seeing me there too. I'm off to get croissants and coffee to wake us up!

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