Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy bee

Here are some photos of the past few weeks. Some from Melanie's wedding, some of us in the pub after and see if you can spot the one of me the morning after. It's not hard.
I know I haven't written for ages. It's been crazy at work and it just seems to get busier. I wasn't in school today after catching some horrible bug from the kids. I should be back in tomorrow though. With reports and meetings, meetings, meetings it ever seems to stop and if I miss a day it really piles up. At least I got some admin stuff done today without kids poking and tapping me on the shoulder every 2 minutes.
I'm really looking forward to next year. Nothing was saved last year so I had to write everything from scratch. Now it's all saved on the computer it just means changing it a little which will make my life so much easier. It's always nice to have a new bunch of teachers around too. Not trying to wish my life away though - I have Gem's wedding and a trip trough Thailand to look forward to first. Less than 6 weeks to go now!

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Gem said...

excuse me ant but I would like more photos and an update on your life please!!! xxx