Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Presents and Pigging Out

We went to the Sheraton Hotel for our Christmas meal today. It was great but I really couldn't breathe very well after eating so much. Gareth on the other hand is totally infuriating. He gets full so quickly. Below is a little sequence which sums up Gareth's eating. The Sheraton is well known for its buffet - especially the mini puddings - so that you can eat as many different ones as you like, without getting full. Gareth came back with only a single tiny little creme caramel. It's all he could manage!!! Aaaargh. Why do I have to be the big pig? I ate at least 3 times as much as him. We had a little Christmas day today as we are off to Cambodia tomorrow and can't carry presents along with us. We had some really nice gifts from our familes - so thank you very much! Gareth gave me this great tea set that I've had my eye on for a while. He chose the design and I love it.

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