Monday, December 08, 2008

Crazy Vietnamese Wedding

Dry ice in the champagne and the glasses are glued together - all just for show!
Miserable wedding staff.
Crazy wedding bomb.
Bride and parents.

The BIS teachers.
Sammy getting up for karaoke!

We went to Gareth's school TA's wedding. As usual it was a crazy affair - with massive party poppers released by big gas-fuelled machines, dry ice in the champagne to make it pretty (then no-one can drink it) dreadful synthesised music and karaoke on tap. It was fun as there were quite a few of us from school. Everyone was staring at us as we were the honorary, white lucky people. Now it's the last full week of term it's pretty full-on. I've just been out for the management Christmas meal, it's the primary carol service tomorrow, the secondary one on Wednesday, Friday we're taking the TAs out for a meal then it's a big party on Saturday. I'm going to be shattered by next Monday. Help!!


Gem said...

Love the photos, all very extavagant! (not sure how to spell that!)

Also Managers christmas party... that's very elite! Do you drink champagne and eat lobster too!!!

LOVE YOU SIS!!!! Was great to chat at weekend, keep updating photos, love it xxx

Sue said...

keep putting on photos - we need them for all the parties you're going to. need to get the atmosphere over here! you will be tired by next week!XXX