Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Shoes and Painting!

I have had a really crazy week. I have been out every night this week it was quite depressing because every night, when I got back, Gareth was already in bed asleep - exactly what I wanted to be doing. I had Oklahoma on Thursday and Friday night - the kids really did well after the not-so-good rehearsals of the previous weekend. I now feel like crap and cannot stop sneezing. I hope I'm not ill tomorrow.
I have been trying to get more motivated with painting. It's been a really long time since I did anything I liked. I have done one painting I'm happy with - inspired by photos from Mexico. This is one I have just started. I'm not quite happy with it but will try to persevere. It's taken from a photo of some tulips I took in Chicago a while back. I have one similar back at Gareth's house that I did from the same photos, but I wanted this one to be a great big flower. I need some tips please?
These are the shoes I had copied in Mandarina (171 Le Thanh Ton). It's a great shop where you can take in an old pair of shoes and have them copied in any colour. I chose this green colour for my school shoes that were about to fall apart. I think I'm happy with them - I just need to wear them round school for the day to see if they are as comfortable as the old ones!
Watching the world go by from Highland Coffee - Gareth with an espresso as usual...

Here is the guy who fixed the soles of my old shoes. He was playing a complicated chess-style game with all his mates while doing my shoes.

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