Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautiful Phu Quoc

I really can't find any words to describe this place. This is true paradise. There isn't a sound except for the sea. There are very few other people here and they are all here to relax. There are no big party bars or hawkers selling clothes along the beach. Just beds, sand and palm trees. If you are looking for an excellent getaway then this is it. I have never been anywhere more perfect in the world. It's definitely a place to bring guests.
The flight was about 50 mins from Saigon. When we landed the plane came right down as if to land on the sea then the runway practically started on the beach. We were picked up at the airport and 10mins later were on the beach. Our room is a 10 second walk on to the sand. The seafood comes in fresh on the boat and we have a fresh lunch of squid, mackerel, crab or prawns with rice. It's very plain but really tasty.
I can't believe that we have been here for 2 days already – I have read 2 books already and have done a lot of sleeping. This is a great holiday. I think this can be our early honeymoon as I know we couldn't find anywhere better. I love it here and don't want to go anywhere else!

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Sue said...

sounds lovely, Ant. have a good rest. I saw your comments on my blog - don't worry - when you have a house i will make a hanging for it - and a quilt if you want!!!!!