Saturday, April 11, 2009

Same same

Here are some photos - one of me Gem! We had cocktails on the beach to watch the sunset. Unfortunately it's been really cloudy so not seen the best of it yet. No real news. We've been here almost a week now and have just been reading, sleeping, swimming and eating. It's so relaxing I had no idea what day it was when I woke up. Back to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow but we still have another week of no school. Got some jobs to do and phone calls to make so hopefully it ill be a productive week. Anyway back to my book - the 5th this week!


Gem said...

Good photos, and I like your top - can I have it? Also what books have you read, any recommendations? I've just finished the butterfly house which was quite good. chat when you get home x

Ant said...

It's a fat face dress and no I'm keeping it. When we live nearby you can borrow it. Lots of good books - get a pen and I will tell you them when I phone. I'm jealous of you and mum in one place. Wish I as there. xxx