Sunday, April 26, 2009

A night on the river

We went to Kim (in the white flowery dress) and Helen's birthday last night. It was a really relaxed evening. I didn't drink much as I didn't want to undo the hard work at the gym over the past couple of days - I have 5 pounds to shift! Gareth and I had food at the Mekong Merchant - a really good outdoor place in An Phu (area near our school) then walked over the The Boat House, by the river, where Kim and Helen had designed their own cocktails. It was a quiet evening and not too much of a late night. I know it looks like I have no top on in one picture - unfortunate angle!
We only have 3 days of work this week, then a 4 day weekend. I think I can make it through! Last week's early mornings were a bit painful and a shock to the system. Then only 8 more weeks then home - hooray!

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