Friday, November 27, 2009

Another tiring week...almost there!

The end of the Christmas term is always crazy with reports, parents' evenings and productions. I now have the reports and parent meetings out the way. I was at school until 7.40pm. I started talking to parents straight after the kids left. I got into school at 6.50am with a full day's teaching. It's a really long day and by the end I just didn't even know what I was saying.

At least it's the weekend. I have a busy time coming up. We now have our infants Christmas production I am also singing in a carol concert, playing cello for the secondary concert and performing with the Ho Chi Ming Choir - playing cello again for their 2 concerts. It's going to be crazy!

I can't wait until the holidays. To get myself in the Christmas mood I put up our tree today! I can start packing soon...

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