Sunday, November 22, 2009

A busy, tiring week.

On your request Gem I have moved that crazy picture of Rosie down. I don't have any photos to put on unfortunately because we have been so busy.

The equivalent of Ofsted came into our school last week. It's basically an inspection before we can be awarded accreditation. The week was mentally stressful - always being ready to be observed teaching with full energy at all times - it's just not sustainable. For you and the kids you have to have some down time too. I didn't even get seen in the end! For Gareth it's been even busier - training for a marathon, applying for jobs all alongside the inspection - he is really wiped out too.

So this weekend I have been trying to wind down. My mind has been so full and busy I just haven't been able to relax or sleep in the week. Finally I completely conked out - no energy at all and slept all afternoon! It was so nice. I think it was all the yoga. I have joined some classes on the weekend and they really clear my mind.

Last night we went to our friends' wedding party - they got married in the summer. It was really nice but I was so shattered I was back home in bed before half 9. I can't wait to get back to the UK. The weather here is so hot it's unbearable. Only 3 more full weeks. My Christmas tree is going up next weekend. I will take pictures then - promise!

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