Saturday, August 26, 2006

Volcano Pictures

Jo and I were left to our own devices today as we climbed round a volcano. We did loads of chatting - great day out! The others walked the whole of the ridge right round it - took 6 hours and some hard work.

Jo on the ridge of the volcano after we both decided to climb up a sheer slope - took us 2 hours.All prepared to climb.Shattered after walking the ridge.


Gem said...

wow, it looks incredible as always! We are very envious! call me sometime cause I am back in leam and tim's at work! I need distracting from planning xxx

Sameranda said...

I agree with Gemma, that looks amazing!

Have you heard Sue & Laurie are engaged!! It's so brilliant.

PS what has happened to your Myspace? You have disappeared!

Ant said...

Yes I will call you Gem xx

I got a bit confused with the myspace thing. I will try and get it back up and running. I am crap at computers.

Very exciting about the engagement!!!