Thursday, August 03, 2006


After stopping in Chihuahua for one night (not much to do there) we came to Creel on the Copper Canyon train. It´s a really old fashioned steam train which winds through a set of canyons that meet in this area. The little villages are beautiful along the way. Just like little house on the prairie. It doesn´t feel quite like the Mexico we know.
We stayed in a hotel that includes breakfast and dinner where you eat in a shared dining room. It´s been a great way to meet poeple and we have made friends with Belgians, Germans, Italians, American, Korean and Candian people. I have also had lots of practice speaking spanish. Yesterday we spent the day with an Italian girl and the language we shared was spanish so we both spoke it all day.

On the first day we went to some hot springs. We had to walk deep into the canyon (a very long, steep path) to a set of naturally heated springs. It was beautiful but walking back up was a killer. On day two we took a long trip to Basaseachi waterfall - one of the largest in North America -bigger than Niagra Falls. It was pretty cool at the top but as we walked top the bottom it got really tropical because of the water splashing out - making a completely different environment. Again a crazy, hour long walk back up. Yesterday we went on a bike ride to a nearby lake. My bum is killing me from the seat. And I am really shattered now after three days intensive exercise. At Least I´m loosing my England chocolate weight!

We leave for Los Mochis on the Pacific Coast today for a beach holiday. We´re taking the train again. It stops so we can take pictures of the canyon. We just stay one night there and then on to Mazatlan. It´s going to really, really hot. I can´t wait to swim and chill out in the sun.

Unfortunately I can´t put my pictures on my blog as the computers are very slow but I have found some photos of the places we visited on the internet. When we´re back home I will put some of my own here too.

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