Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thumb news

Anyone who's a bit squeamish. Don't read on... Last night I solved the thumb problem and today it feels great. I spoke to a doctor at school (one of the parents) who said it was probably a bit of nail ingrowing. I have experience of this with my toe nails. So when I got home I got to work getting it out. It came pretty easy - a splinter sized bit of nail. Then I gave it a good squeeze and a some yellow came out - a release for my poor throbbing thumb. It feels so much better. I should become a surgeon. It's a real bugger because it's the first time I have nice long nails after biting them all my life and I get a gammy thumb.

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Gem said...

You're disgusting!!! GROSS! I vomitted all night on friday which was pretty chunky, why did mum bring up such disgusting children???