Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back to school blues

It was so painful having to get up for school this morning after chilling all weekend. I have a busy week as I am performing in the choir concert this Thursday and have to learn a piano, guitar and 3 cello parts tomorrow - I've kind of been putting it off for ages. I can't wait for the term to be over - just 8 more days then Costa Rica!

On the up side I had some great sushi for lunch from the tuck-shop - I am worried I might have it everyday it was so yum. So much for the diet!


Gem said...

I have no sympathy for you being back at school after having such a wonderful weekend!! try having rain, snow and frost every day for ten months!!! Tim and I beginning to understand why you and graeth live so far away! We want the summer to be here and to stay all year round... bored of being cold! Call me!!!

Ant said...

I thought it had been the warmest winter for ages? I was going to phone today but we have had almost 24 hour of no electricity. It has been shit - I realise how much I use it. It's back for now so fingers crossed I can call tommorrow. xx