Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Being rubbish

I have been really rubbish at writing here. But everything has been so busy. I have been getting reports done and the kids are really tired after a long term with no half term holiday. I can't wait till this weekend - we are off to Pie de la Cuesta a little beach near Acapulco. It's really peaceful and has beautiful sunsets over the beach. I need a break so badly.

We went to see Razor Light this Monday. I felt really rebellious going out on a school night but we didn't stay too late and I took it easy on the beer. I am far too sensible than to risk a a hangover with 30 six year old kids screaming at me all day - it's really not nice.

At last I have updated this after meaning to all week - hopefully I will have some nice photos to put here after our weekend.

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