Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No electricity

We have had no electricity since last night (almost 24 hours)- at last it's back on. I have realised how much more productive I am without it. I came home and did the washing up, went to the shops to stock up on food (we had none after the weekend away which was a good thing as the freezer and fridge weren't working) and read a book. We should have a day without it each week. Here I am straight back on the computer sat in front of the telly!

I am reading an interesting book at the moment (a bit heavy) called The God Delusion. You've probably heard of it as it's been around in the news lately. The author is a biologist and puts forward his argument as to why there can be no god based on genealogy and analysis of human behaviour. One of the points he makes (that made me chuckle) was that if Jesus had been put to death in this day and age we would all be walking around wearing little electric chairs on chains round our necks. The analysis of the bible makes me realise how barbaric it is and how much god seemed to endorse going into various cities and abusing and killing the non-religious (children and animals included). One of my friends said today that it must be depressing to think there is nothing after death, but the way the book is written is very positive and leaves room to make your own decisions. I'm not sure what I believe but I definitely don't think organised religion makes you a good person and not having it makes you bad as many people appear to believe. Oh well enough serious talk! Better get dinner on as Gareth is at a parent evening and I want him to come home and relax.

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