Thursday, May 10, 2007


We had the day off school today because we needed to sort out paperwork for moving to Vietnam. Sounds good but actually we had to get up and leave well before normal school time. Both of us were shattered by the end of the day and both had a nap (a miracle for him!). We went into town with our friends who are also moving to Vietnam and continued the slow and painful process of getting documentation in Mexico. We had already been to Toluca to 3 different offices to get our police check and one stamp on it. Today we managed to get the first process done really easily and had high hopes for the rest of the day, until we arrived at the next office which was straight out of the 80's. There were people tapping away on type-writers and it was musty and dark. We were told to come back the next day. But Maz and I were persistent and seeing as we had paid for it already they finally let us in. We queued for ages and everyone was very unhelpful but eventually it was sorted. We went for a great lunch in the posh area of town (which made it all better!). At last we have all the Mexican part done. We now need to go to the Vietnam Embassy to get another stamp - not sure where though as the document already has extra pieces hanging off - there's no space left!

Unfortunately back to school tomorrow. Just 6 more full weeks!

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