Sunday, May 06, 2007

House Party

Me looking like a pirate, Louise and Nush.
Mariana and Dave.
Sam unaware of Gary's advances.
Rob and Gary.
Hang and Mark (about to have a baby).
Alison (from my first school) came to visit with her husband.
Marion (coming to Vietnam with us) and Hang (our Vietnamese teacher).
Sam, Catherine and Kerry.
Nush, me and Dave.

We had a party at ours straight after school on Friday. It was great. My friend from St George's came to visit with her husband. It was just luck that we had happened to throw a party on the day they decided to come. We had Mexican food catered so I didn't have to think about doing any cooking and could just enjoy myself. We drank a lot of beer but it was all over by midnight (we started at 2.30pm so it was pretty good going).

The next day I took my friends round all the tourist sights in the city. We saw Aztec dancers on the Zocalo (the main square). It was also the celebration of the victory at the Battle of Puebla (against Napoleon) so there was a huge parade of soldiers with big machine guns. I just couldn't help but think of Monty Python's funny walks - not good in a crowd of seriously patriotic Mexicans. We went through the newly excavated pyramid site in the centre of town and had lunch in a nice little street cafe. A really enjoyable day - you become lazy when you live in a place - it was good to see it all again as a tourist.

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