Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a rant

I was gutted yesterday. I sent a ceramic pot (which I loved to bits) with DHL from Mexico. They shoved it into an average cardboard box (after showing me this amazing reinforced packaging they were going to use) and sent it off. Of course it arrived to mum in 100 pieces. Not so fussed about the pot but really pissed off with the guy who took $300 off me to post it safely. So I am on a mission to get my cash back. Not that's off my chest I feel better!

On Friday I was shattered but somehow did a great gym work out. We went to our friend's birthday party. After a couple of glasses of wine I felt a bit more awake and had the energy to actually talk to people. It turned out to be really fun and load of people turned up. Didn't have the energy for dancing but had a goof time all round.

Saturday was a bit of a disaster with the pot news. Then I missed my appointment with the facial lady which I was really looking forward to. 2 o'clock and 12 o'clock sound the same in Spanish and I misheard, turning up too late. Then I went to see if my skirts I sent in for alteration were finished. They knew nothing about them and I spotted them getting them out to get started as I left - lazy buggers. So all round not a very successful day.

Today was better - got to the gym (I wonder how long this fitness burst will last?). Fed the cute little kittens outside - they have no mum and are so tiny. The miserable arsehole neighbours want them dead (miserable shits). I have been warned by Gareth not to get attached- we are leaving so cannot adopt them I just have to feed them secretly!

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