Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No school!

Today is great because we have no school. It's a public holiday. Unfortunately it's on a Tuesday and there was no way we could get the Monday off too so we had to be in work yesterday which was crap because we could have gone somewhere nice with 4 days off. The kids were really high yesterday because it was children's day. Their Spanish teachers fed them up on sugar and e numbers then handed them back to us. They couldn't sit still and were really badly behaved. I was so pleased when the day was over.

I went to Ruth's party last night while Gareth was at a poker night with the boys. It was really nice to relax and chat to everyone. I feel like I haven't made time to see everyone properly especially while applying for new jobs. Now we are all sorted I am going to make the most of seeing everyone and enjoying town before we have to leave forever. I still can't really believe we will be leaving Mexico and most likely we will never return. It has been a really great home for the past 3 years and I will miss so many things. But I am also so excited to get home, see everyone and go shopping then on to Vietnam. I am a nightmare at the moment for Gareth (he is being amazing) because one minute I'm excited and the next so nervous. I have to get it under control!

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