Saturday, October 13, 2007

A whole bunch of stuff

I haven't written anything for ages as school has been really busy. I am on holiday now though so it's very exciting that I actually get some time to myself. 2 weekends ago Gareth and loads of school people did a fun run. I hate running but went along to watch. The photos above are some from the park where the run started and ended. I was actually quite inspired - all the people at school are so fit so I have been running and got up to 30 mins this week. I am planning on doing a 5km run in a few weeks! I can't believe my turn around.

On the weekend I have been helping out at an orphanage. The kids are so cute. They have this amazing padded room with loads of toys where they can roll about but the nurses never take them there and don't even give them any toys in the cots because they say they throw them at each other. They all rock in metal cots like caged animals and are desperate for a hug. So when we come in we take them down to play and they love it. The little baby above is such a sad little thing. She never smiles except when you lift her up into the air so I try to make her smile all the time. I'm so in love with them!

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