Friday, October 19, 2007

Back Home

Had a really nice 5 days out of the city. We just flew back in today. It was a much better journey than our way out and we were home in about 2 hours including the flight and getting out of the airport.

On Wednesday we went on a huge hike. It was 17km through pine forest. Some of the climbs were real killers but it was really satisfying to feel so exhausted and pig out for dinner fully deserving it! The scenery was amazing. We went through a minority village which was like going back in time, through some coffee plantations (I realised I never knew what coffee plants looked like despite having studied something about coffee in geography) and had to cross the river by quite hazardous looking suspension bridges.

On Thursday we had a good rest. I got a massage which was amazing for my aching legs. Then we went for high tea la-di-da! Yummy pancakes and coffee. We finished off the evening having a ottle of wine in a nice restaurant then drinks in a hotel bar. It was a real Ant kind of day.

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