Monday, October 15, 2007


Our plane: a but smaller than we had anticipated and quite bumpy.

Elephants have the weirdest bendy legs.
Leeches everywhere! They love this kind of swampiness.

Went on a mammoth hike yesterday. We started on a lake and walked up into the mountains. We saw an elephant along the way but he looked really sad as he was chained up for giving rides. Apparantly he gets to go free at night time as doesn't go far so they find him again in the morning. The scenery was amazing but one thing freaked me out: leeches! We had to check our shoes every 10 minutes to see if leeches were crawling up - and they were every time we looked. I really hated it they are freaky looking and stand up really high on their one jelly leg. We finished our walk in Chicken Village - with a big statue of a chicken right in the middle. On the way back I found another leech making its way up my leg. When we got home I stripped off straight away and found more leeches in my clothes. I put my socks in the bin as I couldn't bear it. We tried to flush them down the loo but they just climbed back up. Oh my god they are unstoppable! I wish I had taken photos!

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