Saturday, October 13, 2007


Had a very annoying morning. I woke up and had no features. I have some kind of allergy and am all swollen up in my face. Gareth thinks I look funny and keeps laughing at me. I don't see the funny side!

We got to the airport to take our flight to Dalat and they told us it had been changed to 3 hours earlier - they had our wrong details on file and had contated a Mr and Mrs Wong instead of us. So now we are hanging about in the airport for 5 hours until the next flight. They offered us the business lounge so we have free food and drink and at least I can go on the computer for a while. But I am really getting bored, bored, bored. Also discovered my allergy is some kind of flu. I'm all wrapped up and shivery. Sympathy please!

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Gem said...

Hi ant, I hope you are feeling better??? keep in touch so I know you are ok as I am now worrying about your allergy/flu! update your blog with lovely photos of this place you are visiting so I know you are alright xxx