Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back in Sydney

I can't believe how quickly our holiday is passing by. It's been really hard to put on photos as everything seems to shut here over Christmas holidays. I thought the cities would be more like London or New York but there is a really small-town feel. It really is like being back in Guernsey but with good weather.

I just got here with plans to put on photos but forgot my camera lead so I'll have to put them on another time. We had a great time in Melbourne. We went out for a goodbye meal with Gareth's mate down by the beach after spending the day at the botanical gardens. It's boiling hot now around 40C. I really don't feel cold anymore! We flew into Sydney yesterday very early so went into town for lunch then had a nap in our hotel. We met up with our friends from Vietnam to go to a moonlight cinema in the park. We all had big beanbags and a picnic. A very good evening.

Today we're at Bondi beach and plan to take a walk around the area. Tonight it's New Year's Eve so we're going out for a meal with our friends then off to see the famous firework display over the opera house.

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