Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bad start to the holiday

We're now in Melbourne. I've not been able to put on any blog stuff because I have been in bed most of the time. I came down with tonsilitis (not sure how to spell it) and have been in bed most of the holiday. It's so depressing when you're in such an amazing country not to be able to see it. So Gareth has been sight seeing alone. I managed to walk through the park so there are a couple of pictures! I took myself to the doctors and he gave me a load of drugs so I feel a bit better today and am out of bed. Hopefully I will feel even better for Christmas day tomorrow. We're off out with Gareth's mate today. He picked us up from the airport yesterday andtreated us to croissant at his apartment where we met his Australian wife. Looking forward to actually doing something today! It's very very cold here - hoping for warm weather next week. I should have brought my winter clothes.

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