Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Holiday!

Finally the term has come to an end. It's been a bit of a slog. We went out over the weekend had a few drinks and nice meals out. Now I'm feeling really shitty with a runny nose and cold. I always come down with something at the end of term. I'm very excited about going off to Australia on Tuesday! I promise there will be loads of photos from now on. I'm taking my camera out tonight so I can start putting more pictures here!

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Gem said...

Hi ant,
have a fab time in australia, take loads of photos and keep updating blog. When you get back in the new year we will finally be set up with computer in our new house so can catch up properly seeing we haven't spoken in ages!!! We finally had our BIG MOVE yesterday with two men and a van and all our furniture including the piano! Was madly busy and Tim and I were both hungover after work do and hockey do so ended up asleep by half 8! I have a day off work today as I am entitled to one for moving house, so hvae sorted lots of boxes and starting to feel really homely now. Can't wait for you to see it one day!! huge hugs, gemma xxx