Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Having a great time here although the weather is crazy and it keeps on pouring down at just the wrong time! I have some photos to put on but the computer here is not allowing me to upload them so they will have to wait.

Bangkok is really insane. I like it but much prefer little Ho Chi Minh as everything is 5 mins away by foot. Here you have to take the train or taxis - who are intent on ripping you off or trying to take you to their mates' shops. It really is an exhausting place! We met up with Emma from uni - she lives here teaching at an international school. It was great to see her and we went to a nice little jazz bar by a park.

Tonight we're off on the sleeper train to Chiang Mai where we can go walking and see lots of historical sites. It should be more relaxing than here. I will then try to put on some pics!

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