Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Train ride to Chiang Mai

We arrived this morning in Chiang Mai - in the North of Thailand by sleeper train. It was great fun. The guys came to bring us food and beers, before getting our beds ready and tucking us in for the night! The only problem was up on the top bunk (where I was) it was freezing and had a bright flourescent bulb, while Gareth was warm, dark and cozy in the spacious bottom bunk. He let me swop in the early hours of the morning. Got to our hotel, which only costs 10 quid a night (I was a bit dubious) but it is perfect. Chiang Mai is a city surrounded by a moat. It's really lovely looking and I've already spotted loads of great antique shops. Hopefully we'll take it easy today then do some walking to Wats (temples) tomorrow.

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Sue said...

keep putting the photos on your blog, Ant. it's nice to see what you're up to!!!