Saturday, July 05, 2008

Crazy day

Massive spider!
This picture is really weird any explanations?!Had a busy day today and yesterday. Went hiking this morning with the most insane guy I've ever met. He didn't stop making noise from the moment we met him till we said goodbye. I'm sure he was taking drugs of some kind. Our tour group was friendly but one guy was a war veteran from Vietnam and bought opium as we walked. It was a really crazy day but beautiful scenery. Yesterday we went to an incredible temple. There was so much gold in there I am sure they could support their whole country on it for a few years. Anyway I'm shattered and hungry from walking so can't write any more. We're off to see a Thai boxing match and have a big dinner and beers now!

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Gem said...

Loving your photos! That spider is horrendous!!!!!! Christ it's big!!!!

Do you like my hen party photos? we had a fab time, wish you could have been there. Will have to make sure we have just as much fun at my second hen party in Guernsey! How greedy am I?