Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last couple of days

We're spending our last couple of days by the beach. We have a really nice hotel near a little fishing village on Koh Samui. Other parts of the island are really built up and you can see our area will be the same in another 5 years so we've found it at just the right time. The beach is in a cove so the sea is totally flat and calm. I'm making the most of reading my book, swimming and eating healthy salads - in preparation for Gem's wedding. I am trying really hard to avoid chocolate - but they have cadbury's here aaarrrggh!

We head back to Bangkok on Sunday - taking a ferry then bus. Then we fly back to Ho Chi Minh for a few days of rest and packing before going back to Bankok then the UK. I'm really looking forward to being home again, going to the gym and washing our clothes.

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