Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back Home

Me on New Year's Eve

We're back in Ho Chi Minh after flying in this morning. I am really sad that it's the end of my holiday but pleased to be home.

This is a photo of our crazy bathroom in Siem Reap. They really tried hard on extravagance but just ended up totally overdoing it. We had 2 showers and a urinal?On the beach in Sihanoukville on New Year's Eve
I very sadly spent the arrival of the new year fast asleep after a really delicious but super rich meal. We had scallops, caviar, prawns, mussels, lobster sauce and steak yummmmmmy! My mouth is watering just thinking of it. But it made me really sleepy - we took a couple of beers back to our room but both zonked too early. Garethwoke up to the fireworks but he said I was snoring my head off and left me asleep. I don't really mind as I think new year celebrations are usually a bit overated. Here are a few snaps of new year's eve.

The pictures below are of me trying really hard to take a photo of Gareth who was winding me up by being silly and not opening his eyes. You can see my frustration, with he rolling eyes, when he tries to take one of me and prats about again.


Gem said...

update photos please, including one of your ring?! Mum says it is very pretty - how did she see it???? hugs xxxx

DamoCat said...

Like the pictures of Gareth. The beer glass at the front looks huge! Was this before or after he poped the question?