Saturday, January 17, 2009

Housey House

Please excuse the horrible photo but I've had a cold all weekend and look quite crap - but Gem you did want a picture. Here are some photos of our place. We just bought a new rug for the lounge and it feels really cosy. We moved the old one into the kitchen and I think it looks great. It feels less cluttered now.

This is the quilt we chose. I saw it ages ago and it was in the sale. The only thing is it's dry-clean only so it might just have to be for looking only! Gareth seems to like it too (as much as he can like house stuff) - he chose the colour.

These are our lovely lamps from the same shop, Mosaique. We have 2 sets hanging either side of our curtains. I could buy everything in this place.
Back to school tomorrow. I'm so not ready to finish my weekend but I really can't moan as we only have one week then half term. After that it's a bit of a long stint - 8 weeks. So we will try and relax and enjoy our Singapore and Malaysia holiday.

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