Friday, April 09, 2010

Koh Phi Phi

I am still loving Thailand, despite not doing much more than sleeping and eating. I discovered they have smarties here - so much for the wedding dress diet! We're in Koh Phi Phi now. A little sand bar in the middle of two islands. It's very relaxed but quite expensive by Thailand standards. I hope the pictures work as I can't reduce them.

We went diving yesterday and the water was so clear. I am proud that I spotted the most creatures so I am going to list them here: leopard shark, lion fish, giant moray eels, clown fish (Nemo), a big octopus, seahorses, trigger fish, needle fish, cuttle fish (with blue lights on), angel fish, a big jelly fish and so many more reef creatures. Well done if you didn't skip my list!

We're moving on to Railay tomorrow - I think it's a place on the mainland (Gareth is my tour guide) but you can only get there by boat. In the guidebook it says it might be the most beautiful place in Thailand. I hope that's true! Updates soon...

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