Saturday, April 24, 2010

Preparing to come home

This has been quite a busy week of preparing for our move home. We had 3 quotations for shipping our stuff. It was quite exhausting having strangers looking at all our things and asking so many questions. At least we have an idea now about what we need to do when we get packed up in 9 weeks.

I am so excited to come home. It's all becoming real and a bit scary now - we have so much to do. Hopefully by the time the wedding comes I will have somewhere to live and be feeling quite relaxed. I just need to get to get to the gym and be healthy for the next 9 weeks. I have made some healthy lunches - all prepared in the freezer for this week so I'm all set!

Luckily we start our term with 3, 4 day weeks. It's great - I could really manage a 4 day week and 3 day weekend every week. At least it's made coming back from a lovely holiday more manageable. I am trying to make the most of my time here. I am playing cello in a concert soon and have been practising my piano - as I am sure I'll be roped into playing for assembly in my new school. So far a very nice term!


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