Saturday, April 17, 2010

A bit scary

One thing that was quite scary when we were in Phi Phi was the threat of tsunami. I didn't want to write this until we were back so not to tempt fate! One morning we woke up and everyone was running. All the Thais were shouting tsunami. It was really horrible and my heart was thumping. We grabbed all our personal stuff, put on trainers and started to go up to the high areas. Luckily the police confirmed that it was a false alarm. But it took me a while to calm my racing pulse!

The problem with Phi Phi is that it's just a sand bank so was totally destroyed in the previous tsunami. The Thais are understandably very nervous about it happening again especially after the Indonesian earthquake the week before when there was an official siren and evacuation. Their relatives call them whenever they hear of an earthquake in the region (which happens quite often with no bad effects) and it starts a panic.

I must admit that the whole time it was in the back of my mind. It does seems that they have very good warning systems in place and the chances are that everyone would be able to get to safety but I was a bit nervous.


Gem said...

OMG LOVING the wedding count down thing, wish I'd had one of those babies!!!

Sue's Stitches said...

how can i put a timer on mine?

Ant said...

I can show you when I am back - I don't think you could work it out! I know it's geeky but it reminds me that I have a dress to wear and should try to get to the gym sometimes! xx