Saturday, July 01, 2006

Weekend out and about

We had a great weekend. On Friday Gareth treated me to a London Eye trip. It was amazing how much you can see from up there and I didn't realise the Thames was so curvy - it put a new perspective on things. Then we went off to the Tate Modern and saw a Kandinsky exhibition. I'd never seen some of his older work it was very cool. That night we went up to Gareth's mates house and out for dinner. They had a lovely garden and we sat out till late because it was really warm. Then had a very late dinner in a new restaurant. Delicious!
On Saturday we went to watch the football in a really grotty pub in central London. I met Katie, Pippa and Em and lots of Gareth's mathes there. There were some real football idiots so they stopped alcohol being served and we all got kicked out at the end. Why do some people have to be so narrow-minded? Anyway the afternoon went on into the night and while Gareth had a super-hot vindaloo I met Rob and Jen for some drinks. We made it back on the last tube and this morning I feel a bit shattered. I'm glad for a quiet stay-at- home day.


Gem said...

you and gareth both look very pretty and handsome! I would love to go on the london eye - did you have t queue for ages? was it expensive??? can't wait to see you!

Ant said...

No queuing - cost about ten quid each. I really recommend it!