Saturday, July 08, 2006

So, so, so tired...

Today I woke up exhausted and spent the rest of the day feeling shattered. It has been a fun-packed two weeks (I can't believe it's flown by so quickly) but now it's all getting a bit over-whelming. I hardly ever drink at home and here I've had a couple of glasses of wine almost every night. I really feel like it's playing havoc on my skin and insides. I need a rest!
We went to the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition on surrealism - very cool. Then we popped over to Greenwich and saw our old house, old pub and the Cutty Sark. I felt really sad going back there and wanted to buy the flat for sale in our old block. In the evening we had dinner in Canary Wharf and then drinks at London Bridge. Great but I was so glad to get some sleep.
We're off to Guernsey in Monday - I am so excited. We will really be able to relax and do all the good summer holiday things!

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