Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Despite a miserable day of weather on the day we flew in it has been really warm and sunny the rest of the time and is set to be beautiful for my mate's wedding. Hooray!

On Tuesday I did admin stuff like getting my passport sorted and going to the doctors. Now that's all over I feel a sense of relief and am totally relaxed. Me and mum have been swimming twice - well I dipped in and out as it was bloody freezing and she swam. We went to see Grandma and Grandad where I ate three cakes - so much for the get thin quick for the wedding diet. Bev came over with baby Ethan and I had lots of cuddles. I have never seen a teething baby before and he was eating everything. He even mauled my knee (see photo) with shrieks of pleasure - a strange experience. He is super cute!

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Gem said...

the photo of ethan sucking your knee is the cutest picture I have ever seen! He is so adorable!!!!! I can't wait to see him in a few weeks, hope you had fun at sam's hen night last night!?