Friday, July 28, 2006


We´ve been really busy since we´ve been back. We went to dinner at our friends´ house when we got back to the city. The next day we went off to San Luis Potosi. A nice town to stop off through but not much to do. We were happy just wondering about and relaxing.

Now we´re in Zacatecas - a gorgeous colonial mining town. Yesterday I faced two of my fears - heights and small spaces. We took a ride in a cable car. It was a bit wobbly and very fast. Then walked down to visit an old silver mine. We had to take a lift deep into the ground then walk through the tunnels. It was actually quite roomy and well lit so I felt. Today we´ve been to some great art museums. One had the biggest canvases I have ever seen. I just couldn´t take in the whole picture it was so huge.

Tonight we have a 12 hour journey to Chiuahua where we can start our train journey through the Copper Canyon!

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