Sunday, October 29, 2006

Alcatraz and Shopping

Cable CarsGareth with Alcatraz Island behind

Approaching Alcatraz
An escapee's cell

Recreation area
An isolation cell - when they shut the door it's totally dark!

After being delayed for 2 hours in Mexico airport we finally made it to San Francisco. We had takeaway meatball sandwiches in bed - as we got in really late. A good start!

Yesterday we went shopping in the morning. The shops are great here better than New York I think. I found a place called Anthropologie where I could and probably will spend a fortune. I also found jeans that fit my rugby thighs. Hooray!

We found a cool little bar right on the water's edge and had a beer before going on the boat to Alcatraz. The island is really creepy when you approach. It was really cold - made a change from Mexico so we didn't mind too much. We had a tour round the cell blocks and saw the cell of Al Capone and the one where the guys escaped using spoons to dig themselves out and model heads to put in their beds (see the film escape from Alcatraz). When we left it was so cold. We took the trolley bus back up to our hotel. It was really steep and I was scared we were going to take off like a roller coaster. We had dinner in a little 50's diner, where we soon warmed up.

I am having trouble putting my photos on at the moment so they will follow shortly!


Gem said...

sounds like you are having lots of fun!! keep enjoying yourself and spend loads of money - you deserve to treat yourself after such a long term! big hugs from your little sister xxx

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of you with the white face? You look cool!

Hope you're having an amazing time in San Fran. I found Alcatraz really spooky as well.

Ant said...

Yep certainly is me! I love getting dressed up for Halloween. I have to think of a good costume for next year. I've done this one twice now.