Sunday, October 08, 2006

Steak and cocktails

We went to an amazing Argentinean (not sure how to spell that) restaurant last night. We ordered two massive steaks between four of us. They were so tender and delicious with great chips and mash. We were stuffed full but decided to continiue the night. We ended up in a really smart cocktail place. Would have been way out of our league back in London - that's why I love being in Mexico. Gareth and I had Cosmopolitan tangerine cocktails (feeling a bit delicate today). We then ended up in a really seedy 80's place which couldn't have been further from the previous bar, but I loved the music!

Woke up really early parched with thirst and guzzled a ton of water then fell into a deep, deep sleep until twelve - good lie-in. Gutted this morning when I realised we hadn't taken the sausages out of the freezer for our fry-up but managed a good one with hash browns, beans, bacon and egss. Yum!

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