Monday, October 16, 2006

Too old for all that nonsense

We went out on Saturday night after having a really chilled out day sleeping in late and shopping. At first it was a bit of a disaster. The birthday girl last week had to change her meeting pub twice as they had both shut for refurbishment. We turned up (being early English people) before everyone else at a totally empty, boarded up pub and had to call everyone and arrange a new place to go. We wondered up the road and luckily stumbled across a friendly little pub with very old and grotty, but comfortable sofas and serving all kinds of beer - my kind of place. We then went to a smarter cocktail kind of place where we had great little steak and cheese nibbles. Most people then sensibly went home. We decided to go to the Irish pub where we could dance to 80's cheese. Sam convinced me to join her in drinking a jug of beer which turned out to be bigger than my head (I managed to sneakily share it with everyone else. It was all downhill from then on. We arrived home after 5am after my friend very kindly puked into the air in the cab covering me from head to toe and forcing us to pay an enormous fine.

Once home Gareth and I decided to pig out on noodles in bed (after cleaning off in the shower!). I woke up with noodle in my hair and stuck to my arm. Yum! I was thinking of a lovely lazy day when I had a phone call from my friends reminding me I had agreed to go wedding dress shopping (not for me) all day Sunday. It was really nice but spoiled by my tiredness I can’t take late nights. As I said I am too old for all of this and must start a wholesome hobby like jigsaw puzzles and going to bed early on a weekend.

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