Saturday, October 21, 2006


One more week until half term. Hooray! I am a bit lonely today. Gareth is away in Acapulco releasing turtles. He named the on he released last year Ant (he's sweet I know) and this year he called it Rebecca Louise - my middle names. So there are two little turtles riding the waves in Acapulco with my names! I am so jealous he's on the beach eating garlic prawns and strolling along in the waves and it's part of his job.

I am really tired today. I went dancing last night with a load of girls. It was quite good except for the sleezy men. Normally it's great - the men ask you to dance and there's nothing in it - but last night they were really odd. One very unattractive guy asked me to marry him. So in the end I came home quite early after pigging out at the greasy hot dog stand.

Off to see Robbie Williams tomorrow. I'm so excited!

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