Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Robbie Williams

Had an excellent night on Sunday. We went to see Robbie Williams. I didn't realise how excited I was until we got there and I realised how close we were to the stage. The weather was beautiful and even though it's rainy season it didn't rain on us (it's because we were all prepared with our macs - always the way). We had beers brought right to us along with pizza, hotdogs and donuts. I love Mexico you can get exactly what you want brough right to you at any time. Robbie was bloody amazing and I just didn't want it to end. He was a bit cheeky though when he was speaking to the Mexicans in English and they had no idea what he was saying. It was the first concert I've been to when I knew all the songs so well.

Had a horrible day on Monday - probably because I was tired - but the kids were also being really crap. Just one more week now at school. I'm really counting down the days till we're off to San Francisco. I'm also taking Gareth to the wrestling for his birthday this Friday. Not sure what I think about it but I think it'll be a laugh. It's the one where they get all dressed in masks etc and hit each other with furniture. Great!

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Gem said...

did you call last night? sorry I missed you, try again soon! pleased robbie was brilliant!! hugs, gemma x