Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back home

We got back safe and sound at about 9am this morning. We had been travelling since 9pm the night before. We had very little sleep as the first flight left just after midnight and was only 3 hours long so not much napping done there. We arrived in Mexico where we gained 2 hours so it was suddenly daytime and we had to get a second flight. Luckily it all worked out really well. We avoided immigration in Mexico City, which takes a couple of hours, and whizzed through the immigration as we changed flights. So it was pretty smooth sailing getting out of the airport and into a taxi back home.

I had a good long nap. Gareth as normal thinks he's a machine and has still not slept. He did all the washing and insanely tidied away his travel stuff (mine is still in the suitcase where I dumped it as we came in). He has now been up for over 24 hours, with about 1 hour of sleep. He's finally given in and has sent himself up to read in bed. I give it 15 minutes and he'll be fast asleep.

It's always quite satisfying to be back home and we still have a long weekend before going back to school. Then quite a short term leading up to Christmas performances etc. - so always pretty easy going. Now I need to sleep too. Night!

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