Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feeling sorry for myself...

I'm sick and bored, bored, bored. I could never stay at home all day, every day unless I had a lot more to do. I am so bored. I have a cold and can't do much other than sit around and keep adding to my tissue mountain as I blow my nose raw. I love going into school. The kids make me laugh and I have loads of friends to catch up on gossip with at lunchtime. I feel bad today as we have the Christmas concerts coming up, and have to practice like crazy, and now I'm not there to help. Even worse we just had a long weekend so the kids are well rested the perfect time to teach them dances and songs etc.

Oh well enough moaning and feeling sorry for me. I'm off to on-line shop for presents (I love the internet especially suggestions for 'difficult to buy for' relatives) and will go and try to enjoy daytime TV I think mi casa tu casa aka changing rooms is on. Great!


Gem said...

ant go look at my site - I found the cutest kitten photo - I want one!!!
You look awsome in your dress but I have already told you that!
hugs, gemma x
are you feeling better yet?

Anonymous said...

Online shopping is so dangerous! I've done loads the last few days!!

I hope you feel better soon xx

PS yes you do look lovely in that dress

DamoCat said...

Ant, Hope that you're feeling better! Dress looks wonderful both before and after.

Did you find what you want on the internet? If so any pointers for my Mum. I've brought one present so far - a chocolate fountain for a friend! Ahhhh!

Take care

Cath x

Ant said...

Yep did loads of shopping. Just stuck on a pressie for my Grandad. Marks and Spencer is a bit corny but perfect for the mum and dad kind of gifts!