Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Leaf Bug

This is a new bug I found in my garden. I picked him up because I thought he was a leaf. Didn't bite so probably not poisoness (is this a word because the dictionary doesn't know it. I am sure you can say poisoness?) but great disguise!

Had a busy week and it's only Tuesday. We are directing the kids in their play Wackadoo Zoo. I know it will all come together but it seems so far from it at the moment. I only realised today mine was the only class who hadn't learned their lines - I didn't realise we had any. Shit!


Sameranda said...

That is a most lovely bug.

Wackadoo Zoo??

Ant said...

Yep Wackadoo Zoo!

Gem said...

is it my computer or is your page now red????