Thursday, November 16, 2006

This week has really flown by. It's already Thursday and I have a really exciting weekend coming up. I have been fake-tanning and fixing my dress (which I put my foot through last time in preparation for the Andrew's Ball. One of our friends is from Scotland and we always go to the ball for bit of British food and dancing. The end of the night is always like a family disco with the eighties music blaring, me bugging the DJ for Bon Jovi and a few people wobbling around worse for wear as it's free drinks all evening. I can't wait to get a bit glamed up. I will post photos on Sunday so you can judge wherther I look better at the start or end of the night!

It has been a lovely week. I have got away with teaching very little as the classes who have music with me keep having other stuff to do. The teachers keep apologising but it's more than ok with me not to teach! Our Christmas production is coming along really well. We have all the sepaking parts sorted, mums are making the costumes and now I just have to choreograph the dances. I tried today and ended up toatlly stressed. It's impossible to give directional instructions to children who can't speak English. Aarrgh it was a nightmare! I created this really crap dance where the kids were just crawling about on the floor. Luckily a teacher who knew what she was doing came to my rescue. So it's looking ok now. Thank god!

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Whoaaaaaa we're half way theeeeere

Whooooaaaa ooooaaaaa living on a prayer!!