Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We had a great day today. Well I did anyway. We played mini-golf and I won! I am very competitive and was a bit mad that Gareth was racing away from me in points. But I came back at the end and beat him so I was chuffed. I normally don't try very hard at mini-golf but this became quite a serious game. The pitch was amazing - I recommend it to anyone in Guernsey. We had lovely weather - almost like a real summer. We had lunch with mum and Sam before playing golf and then walked back from Oatlands to home. I really need to do as much exercise as possible. I am gradually swelling like a balloon eating all the food I've missed when in Mexico.

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Gem said...

I love all you photos - Tim and I will definitely have a go at that this sumemr when we are over! Don't swell too much as we have bridesmaid dresses to try on this weekend - argh!!! how exciting, I am trying them on too you know just for fun!!!! I think it was you who suggested it actually... doh! My head feels like it is disintergrating after this term... so tired... will sleep well on friday!